Photographer Kristofer Johnsson

Leaf  The Leaf hanger set consists of five steel rings in different size. They are separately anchored to the wall on one side, via screws. Depending on what you want to use them for, they can be attached to the wall in different angles. Position one ring with the screws down side and use it for magazines, or the other way around for your coat. Or somewhere in between to store whatever you find suitable. The Leaf hangers are just as versatile and utilitarian, as they are simple and beautiful. The shape of the hangers create cast shadows and turn walls into abstract works of art.


The leaf hangers are laser cut from a single steel sheet, which minimizes the material waste. The leafs are powder-coated in matte charcoal grey and white. Since they are laser cut in set of five rings, this is also the way they are sold. Flat package, simple and useful.

Material: 2 mm steel sheet.

Colour: Matte charcoal grey and white.

Dimensions: Outer diameter of the rings 27 cm, 21 cm, 16 cm, 12 cm, 8 cm

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