The story of LagströmWiktorsson began on a sunny day in Florence, in the autumn of 2005. That's when Lina and Elin first met at an AIAMD design school.

After a year of cappuccinos and Italian phrases they went their separate ways, Lina to Gotland, Sweden were she undertook a Bachelors degree in industrial design and Elin to Kalmar, Sweden to undertake her Bachelors degree in fine arts, on the design program at HiK.

Five years after the first cappuccino, they decided it was the time to start collaborating. ”Said and done”, the first collection of clothes hangers was shown at the furniture fair in Stockholm 2010. The second at Formex in 2011 and the third is coming soon. Parts of both the first and second collection are now to be found in a shop near you!

During this time Elin has been running her own design studio and Lina has completed a Masters degree in fine arts, at HDK Göteborg, Sweden.

If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to contact us!

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